Gran Slam

Gran Slam Live October 31st 2021

What a great afternoon of laughter, cheering and heartfelt applause as our poets, special guests and some lively wildcards entertained a full house at HOTA Home of the Arts with their reflections on life and living it to the fullest.

Thank you to Uncle John Graham for the Welcome to Country, to musicians Matt Hsu, Jody Ruttle, Hannah Readen-Smith, Cieavash and Laila Arean, Slam facilitation and performance by Angela Peita, our incredible host Jenny Wynter, all the team at HOTA Home of the Arts and to the poets who braved the stage (and the audience judges) Valerie Frost, Margo Knox, Jan Flower, Ruth Savage, Colin Williams, Daphne Houston.

Gran Slam LIVE 2021 was presented by Home of the Arts , as part of FIRESIDE and Bleach Festival and Queensland Seniors Month with support from Red Room Poetry as part of Australian Poetry Month.

Images By Scott Belzner Photography. Video by Raw Mint