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Judy Dungate

Vintage Babe  /  Weekend Easyrider  /  Fierce Tapper

Judy is a lifelong dancer. She is a teacher of Tap, Latin fitness and Jazz at the University of the Third Age and The Coolangatta Seniors Citzen’s Centre on the Southern Gold Coast, dancing four or more times a week.

Judy and her group of fabulous dancers are important community collaborators for Everybody Now having worked together on different projects for four years (since 2014).

She’s a passionate teacher who cares deeply about her dancing community with natural stardom and stage charisma. Judy and ‘the babes’ plan their annual calendars around the next Everybody Now project and they bring a spark, spunk and energy to each project that only an over 65 year could.

she says --

“Everybody Now is easy to say YES to. When we were first involved [2015] we didn’t quite know what was going to happen, but we were accepted and important. And that’s how it has continued like we are part of the family.

We may have said yes to being involved but they said YES to us. We felt like we are important to somebody. We are older but still important. It changes to how we value ourselves. It’s a feel good, builds confidence. That’s what it’s all about – it helps us live longer.

I have danced my whole life but with Everybody Now, I thought my showbiz career isn’t over! I was acknowledged as a professional and toured with the show up to Woodford Folk Festival. They have given me a stamp of approval.

I found my tribe – I can be a bit odd and sometimes find it hard to fit in. But this is my tribe and its these ladies [referring to the U3A dance group] tribe.

They have brought a happiness to our community.

It needs to keep on going. They are honest and real. They are EVERY-BODY … NOW”

Everybody NOW is --