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Kayah Guenther

Air Guitar Devotee  /  Sneaker Expert  /  Dancing baker

Kayah is a 23 year old man who lives with his family in Murwillumbah.

Dance is his passion. It gives him a form of expression that transcends verbal communication.

Kayah was one of the soloist in Yes, We Dance commissioned by Bleach* Festival as part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Originally the rules of casting for Yes, We Dance was to seek non-dancers, who loved to dance, but Kayah was a perfect reason to break the rules. He does dance professionally as an emerging artist however in terms of everyday people expressing themselves through dance, you would not find a more honest and emotive mover then Kayah. He brings his soul forward through his dance in a way that is deeply moving.

We interviewed Kayah and his mum Leanne about the impact of being involved in the project.

he says --

“I enjoyed the group, great teachers who made me feel great, felt an amazing life. I made new friends and felt support. The band made me rock it and feel in my body power.

Being a part of the show has made me feel more like a man, believe in myself and concentrate. I felt inside me; happy, glad, responsible, mature.”

she says --

“Everybody Now worked with Kayah in such an amazing and respectful way. This helps Kayah be a more confident man who feels value within himself. This experience helped Kayah to grow as a person and an artist. People believed in him and therefore he believed in himself Everybody Now are absolutely important, as the key to life is feeling joy and they provide that experience. Everybody Now can remind people about what the journey of life is all about.”

Everybody NOW is --