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Kuljit Singh

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Kuljit’s 5-year-old daughter Anishka was one of the ten soloists in Yes, We Dance but her whole family joined her on stage in the show with Kuljit leading thousands of people in dance instruction, Punjab Bangara style, with a natural charm and stage charism.

she says --

“Yes, We Dance has been an amazing experience, not only for me but for my whole family, my husband, my children, my parents.

It really brought us together as a family and showcased our tradition, heritage and culture with the broader community. When my parents came off stage they were so happy and proud of themselves.

Arts can break down all barriers – cultures, religion, age – it can bring people together, unite people.

That is what this project did. All the participants supported each other, we built relationships. We have had withdrawals since the show has finished – we really miss everyone!

As a GP I know what dance can do to help both physically and mentally with things like anxiety, depression, lowering blood pressure. So much of this is about happiness and joy. At every rehearsal I would feel so happy and it was clear everyone around was happy too. You left feeling good.

Everybody Now have a great ability to know people’s strengths – they could look at you know your talents and capabilities. They nurture what you have got inside – even if you didn’t know it was there or had put it to the side.

We need people like them to bring others together – schools, community groups. Humanising, connecting, uniting us.”

Everybody NOW is --