Real stories, real people – Everybody Now!


Luke Harriman

Secret Social Dance Lover  /  Arts Champion  /  Passionate community connector

Luke is the Manager of Venues and Events for Gympie Regional Council and Former Creative Broker Ar Tour.

Ar Tour is Queensland’s centre of contemporary touring, supporting performing artists and producers to tour work through regional Queensland and nationally. In 2017 Everybody Now toured to Winton and Blackall in remote Queensland to create The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair and You Should Be Dancing. The projects arose when Everybody Now was invited to be part of the 2016 Ar Tour annual performing arts showcase on the Gold Coast.

he says --

“When working with Everybody Now it actually became about touring a framework rather than touring a show. That was very powerful and really there’s not many groups of that calibre who can do it well.

The local communities in Regional Queensland, that we were talking with, knew what they wanted – to see themselves and their stories on stage. They wanted skills development and an opportunity to build new connections. That’s what they [EN] bring.

Everybody Now were adaptable in responding artistically to issues the communities raised but at the same time
their framework was holding its own through to the completion of the project.

They are clear, open and engaged. They spoke to anyone that would talk to them, they took initiative, didn’t just take cues from the lead organisations. Instead they targeted a range of seniors facilities, schools, councils, farmers even the local boxercise class – a broad engagement approach.

The richness of the stories they gather and experience they create surpasses that of a typical touring production. It is exciting.

They do a great job of straddling high calibre performance outcomes with grass roots people engagement.

There is ongoing demand for this kind of work in regional towns. There is great legacy in these projects and opportunities to build relationships with local governments. Everybody Now have challenges ahead as they build their organisation – what they do doesn’t fit into traditional touring models and they will need to balance, building long term relationships whilst being ambitious but I will always be excited to work with that team, I trust that they can deliver and genuinely care about communities – in 10 years’ time – I see them doing it bigger, better, deeper”

Everybody NOW is --