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Moves Like
Moves Like Rebel Lyons

Moves Like … Rebel Lyons

Performer, comedian and host, Rebel Lyons is the manifestation of all our favourite things.

She wears lycra like a boss, is a queen on the roller-skates, she has excellent dance moves and as you’ll read below has some pretty good life advice to follow!
She’s also QUT trained, graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) in 2019, and is clocking up the performance credits at a rapid rate despite launching her professional career just in time for a global pandemic – YAH! She’s performed at the Byron Comedy Festival, Brisbane Festival with Common People Dance Project and had a sold out five-star reviewed season at Adelaide Fringe Festival. We so lucky to have her star power (FIVE STAR power!) joining us as the producer and dazzling host of Roller Daze at Brisbane Festival.
Take five with Rebel to find out how she MOVES!
Question 1

Q1. Three words to describe yourself as a performer?

At Adelaide Fringe, the Advertiser called me an “Unparalleled Comic Genius”, which is such a huge compliment. I think they must be tryna’ crack onto me.
Question 2

Q2. How have you managed to bring all of all our favourite things together at last – lycra, roller-skating, good humour, excellent dance moves, a classic power ballad?

The secret is: don’t wait for anyone to join you – go after what you love on your own! I’ve met some of my closest friends after attending a skate or dance class by myself, (it helps being ridiculously extroverted) but I’d highly recommend speed skating headfirst into what you love, even if it’s solo! Your people will find you!
Question 3

Q3. When and how did you get into roller skating.

I frequented Caloundra rollerdrome in my youth – it was my favourite place to meet dates to test our compatibility.
At 18 I embraced rollerskating as a lifestyle when I reacted to my boyfriend dumping me by joining my local roller derby team. At 21 I started working for Phoenix Entertainment as a performing Rollergirl, and in recent years (ok fine, since the release of I, Tonya) I’ve started my artistic rollerskating career.
Question 4

Q4. Roller skating has skyrocketed since COVID – why do you think that is?

In these trying times I think we’re all yearning for a simpler life, nostalgic for childhood play. In heavy lockdowns one of the only reasons you can leave your house is to exercise, and strapping into 8 wheels is a lot more fun than going for a run!
Question 5

Q5. The Purpose of our organisation is To Move Communities – that movement can manifest in many guises; physically, socially, emotionally, culturally. To be moved and to move together. What moves you?

The Rollerskating Community!! The 79 year old lady I met while rollerskating along the beach at dawn, who gifted me her old costumes from her showgirl days! The kids under 10 in my dance class (Common People Dance Project) who show up in skates too big and incorporate a skate sequence into the routine! The retired artistic skating couple who offer free training tips every time they see me at the park! My Argentinian skate instructor who works at a vegan bakery and brings me pastries! And so many more beautiful souls I am blessed to know, all because I decided to strap 8 wheels onto my feet

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