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Moves Like
Moves Like Kirsty Guster

Moves Like – Kirsty Guster

She’s been lured by love and the sunny skies of the Gold Coast from Canberra, and we are so lucky to have her!

We’d like to introduce you to our newest team member Dr Kirsty Guster who joins us as Partnerships and Relationship Manager.

Kirsty has led a multifaceted life with skills and experience across the arts, academia and not-for-profit sectors. Following success as a classical pianist, educator and researcher both in Australia and overseas, Kirsty spent four years at the ANU School of Music as Development Officer and Videoconference Manager, and five years at the Churchill Trust in partnerships and sponsorships, and strategy and research.

She also has a huge passion for community engagement, placemaking and intergenerational practice – and what do you know, so do we!

We are so excited to learn together and foster generative relationships for the future of Everybody NOW!

Find out what MOVES her below and reach out to say hi on

Question 1

Q1. Three things about you that we won’t find in your bio?

  1. Inspired by the NY rollerblade scene when I lived there many years ago, I got my first pair and eventually started rollerblading on the NY streets and around Central Park to work. In retrospect I was more confident in my abilities than I should have been (no helmets back then). I once almost completely upended an outdoor restaurant setting on 5th Avenue…lucky to be alive really.
  2. I was South Australian state champion in gymnastics three years running (mind you this was primary school. I gave up before the injuries got too serious!).
  3. Thinking back to primary School. I, and a good friend Samantha Lien, who went on to be an amazing artist, won a Sir Mark Oliphant Science Award for creating a board game to raise awareness of the hazardous first stages of the life of the Sea Turtle.
Question 2

Q2. What is your secret talent?

In more recent times, on a dare, and with the help of a mask from Woollies, a few Halloweens ago, I discovered I could deliver a convincing and scary Macbeth witch for the local neighbourhood kids. (There were tears!)

Question 3

3. Who are your art crushes? (an official Everybody NOW term for people/ artists/ collaborators whom you love working with or love their work).

This is a very easy question to answer in recent times – It’s the fabulous team at Everybody NOW!

I’m also focused at the moment on three contemporary artists I have had the honor of meeting:  Alexandra Frost, a clinical psychologist who has a second career as a cabaret singer; pianist and ABC Classic presenter Sonya Lifschitz who has been described as a ‘theatre actor, an orchestra and a soloist all at the same time”; and Vanessa Tomlinson,  a brilliant sound artist and one amazing half of Clocked Out. These are all incredibly intelligent, wise, creative, and courageous women sharing their brilliance, stories and selves in a way that makes the world a better place. My partner reminds me that I also love Hildegarde Von Bingen, Kate Bush and Björk, yet more female trailblazers. Bit of a pattern here I realise.

Question 4

Q5. What have you discovered about Everybody NOW since joining the team a fresh 2 months ago?

What amazingly passionate, creative, talented, joy generators they are. In short – everything and more that they promise in what you read and see about them online. They’re the real deal.

Question 5

Q6. The purpose of our organisation is To Move Communities – that movement can manifest in many guises; physically, socially, emotionally, and culturally. To be moved and to move together. What moves you?

Experiences of awe, beauty, truth, and goodness? Hard to avoid the cliches. I am most inspired by people expressing their best true selves in a beautiful way. But then I’ve been deeply moved for reasons I couldn’t even begin to explain. What I love about Everybody NOW! is they aspire to cultivate and hold space for all possibilities.