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Moves Like Sid

Moves Like… Sid

Sid the Entertainer is a world class Vibe Creator, and he is joining us as part of Those Who Rock returning to HOTA, Home of the Arts on July 6th 2024.

As one of Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary entertainment specialists – MC, DJ, dancer, choreographer and actor – Sid has appeared on stage and screen globally. Some of his escapades include dancing alongside Guy to open for Taylor Swift, movement consulting on Hollywood blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok, playing to crowds of 90,000+ as the resident DJ for Gold Coast’s largest NYE party and being invited to Buckingham Palace in London to open for the Queen!

With a unique, infectiously joyous energy, we are so excited for the Guru of the Groove himself to be facilitating our Movers Who Rock Workshop for all dance enthusiasts, of all abilities, jam packed full of fist pumps, hair whips and full body rocking moves.

Take five with Sid as we find out what moves him!

Question 1

Ok, So your bio is pretty cool, and we’ll get to that, but first what are three things about you that we won’t find in your bio?

  1. For a split second I was a bollywood star
  2. Since birth I have had a deep love of dark chocolate
  3. I was corporate commercial lawyer
Question 2

What is your secret talent?

I can move my eyes independently. (It landed me an iced tea ad once upon a time!)

Question 3

Who are your art crushes? (an official Everybody NOW! term for people / artists / collaborators whom you love working with or love their work)

MJ (Micheal Jackson) of course.

Also, can I say Pru Wilson? (**Note she’s our amazing producer and yes you can say her! We agree, naturally!**)

Everything creative she touches she’s a natural at. I am always viscerally moved by what she makes whether it’s dance or choreography or photography.

Question 4

Right, so back to your bio, wait for it people... Tay Tay vs The Queen! Tell us more and can you pick a most memorable moment?

I have to say The Queen.

(For those playing along at home, Sid was the ‘hype guy’ for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot, Borobi the Koala. Everywhere Borobi went so did Sid! Including traveling the world and landing at the big house to launch the Queen’s Baton in London alongside Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Ok back to Sid’s story now!)

The whole experience was just so memorable. I lost my phone in a cab on the way to Buckingham Palace so I had no way of documenting it, I was just totally in the moment.

Everyone said there is no way you’ll get your phone back from a London Cab and it had all my photos from my tour with Borobi. I got back to the hotel to find the cab had dropped it back!

I guess the other thing that I think about in that whole experience, is right before I went on stage, I had this vision of my mum. I use to get super anxious as a kid. I’d go on stage and my mum would be in the wings with vomit bucket.

And here I was, about to go on stage and shout “Buckingham Palace how you feelinggggg!”.

I thought “How did I get here!”

It was pretty cool.

Question 5

You're described as a worldclass ‘Vibe Creator’! What does that mean to you and how do you become such things?!

Being a vibe creator means having the ability to read the energy in the room, know where it is, and where it needs to be, and how to get it there.

How did I get here myself?  I just stopped taking myself too seriously.

Question 6

A day in the life of Sid looks like?

So this is a new routine as of today so I’ll have to report back, but I get up at 3.30am and get into my body. As a dancer that’s really important so I walk or go to the gym.

Then, I get spiritual and intentional, and then go forth and dominate – At the studio, meetings, events.

Question 7

The purpose of our organisation is To Move Communities – that movement can manifest in many ways; physically, socially, emotionally, and culturally. To be moved and to move together. What moves you?

I am moved by inspiring people. People who seek our inspiration or have inspiration to share.

Sid will be a part of Those Who Rock 2024

Follow his journey by checking out his socials below.