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Move Like Pru Wilson

Moves Like…Pru Wilson

Crafty, Kind and Cool – Meet our new Producer Pru Wilson

We first crossed paths with Pru when she was working for Supercell Dance Festival at HOTA last year, although she is well known and loved throughout the South East Queensland dance community and beyond. We quickly scooped her up for some project work in 2021 and are now delighted to deepen our collaboration, welcoming her as our part time Producer in residence.

Things that we love about Pru, is the way her face lights up when she sees our communities shinning on stage, she’s crafty, kind and cool – what a combination – and she love a spreadsheet. We hope you enjoy getting to know her more too.

You can reach Pru on Monday’s to Wednesday’s

Question 1

Q1. Three things about you that we won’t find in your bio?

1. In 2019 I travelled to Mpumalanga, South Africa (5 hour drive from Johannesburg) for 7 days with 25 volunteers with a charity called Danceaid UK. During our trip we worked in centres, to share love, dance, knowledge and experience the culture. During that time I documented our time on camera and edited a mini documentary series that you can find on my YouTube channel.

2. The majority of my tattoos have been done in Budapest and I have committed to this artist so will now only allow Tibi to do my tattoos.

3. Growing up I was a dance eisteddfod goer and had 22 solos at that I used to compete with at one eisteddfod.

Question 2

Q2. What is your Secret Talent?

Sewing – I my cycle denim jackets or any jacket or shirt really. I also make a really good cheese platter.

Question 3

Q3. Who are your art-crushes? (an official Everybody NOW term for people/ artists/ collaborators who you love working with or love their work).

Ooo there are a few Kenrick H2O Sandy MBE (Co-Artistic Director of Boy Blue Entertainment), then there is Audrey Hepburn who has been from a very young age, one of my very good friends Tarik Frimpong – we have had the privilege of supporting each other on journeys together or apart both in Australia and London over the past 10 years & really any person / artist / company / artwork / show that inspire me at different points in my life for one reason or another.

Question 4

Q4. What are you most excited about in joining Everybody NOW?

The diverse range of various wonderful projects with amazing humans. Plus getting to witness everyday people share their stories whilst doing what they love in a creative way is just so magical. I’m that excited to see more of these beautiful moments. Along with the folders of colourful spreadsheets.

Question 5

Q5. The Purpose of our organisation is To Move Communities – that movement can manifest in many guises; physically, socially, emotionally, culturally. To be moved and to move together. What moves you?

Dance! It was my first passion and first real love in life at the age of 3.

Being around younger and more seasoned generations, having fun, being silly together, sharing energies & knowledge.

Live theatre, shows, concerts and getting to witness art in the flesh.