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Nadia Sunde

Soulful Songstress  /  Fearless Mother  /  Cheer squad captain

An accomplished songwriter, cabaret artist, theatre actress, comedienne and former ABC radio presenter, Nadia Sunde is a standout performer, engaging and delighting her audience as she would an old friend.

Nadia has become one of Everybody Now’s most important artistic collaborators on the Gold Coast.

Since being involved in the creation of the first show, The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair at Bleach* Festival in 2015, she has gone on to travel with the company to Woodford Folk Festival, Western Queensland, Darwin Festival and Tasmania.

she says --

“Working with Everybody Now has had more impact on me as a performer than anything else I have ever done.

From the moment I stepped into the first meeting I felt part of the team. I was able to truly contribute my voice. That’s a bloody big deal. Respect feeds out of that team to anyone who is brought into the room – everybody, ability, expression, voice, professionality, skill, first timers – the respect is the same.

After that show [IADA] I was changed forever! I had succeeded in doing something I’d never done before. It made me more confident to do new work, my own work.

Over the last three years I’ve witnessed the impact Everybody Now’s work has had on people’s lives.

They are telling local stories and when you celebrate the identity of community and connection to place – that makes people happy. Nothing moves me like an EN show. They cherish people’s stories through to stage with such respect.

They break down conventions between performer and audience – entertainment is part of it, but really it is about activating people to their inner core, sparking their humanity.

That impact can’t be measured but the audiences, actually everyone involved, takes back these experiences into their life, work, family.

Everybody Now drops the seeds – they are cultivators. It’s beyond a single show, beyond even them as a company – it’s a legacy. They are making things grow here in a powerful way.”

Everybody NOW is --

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