Real stories, real people – Everybody Now!

Our Work

The foundation of our work is co-creating with communities. Relationships are at the centre of everything we do.

We believe that joyful acts of togetherness, alongside optimistic and artful distribution, can Move Communities to feel more connected, empowered, and valued.

Our work is driven by a desire to bring people together to tell stories; celebrate shared experiences; and optimistically speak of common challenges and concerns. We do this in projects which are centred on the unique lives of a diversity of people, responding to place within specific communities.

What connects all our work to our purpose and vision is Real People, Real Stories – Everybody NOW!

Yes We Dance by Everybody NOW
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Our Impact

Case Studies

Kayah Guenther Case Study

OUR COMMUNITY -- Kayah Guenther Air Guitar Devotee  /  Sneaker Expert  /  Dancing baker Kayah is a 23 year old man who lives with his family in Murwillumbah. Dance is his passion. It…

Nadia Sunde Case Study

OUR ART -- Nadia Sunde Soulful Songstress  /  Fearless Mother  /  Cheer squad captain An accomplished songwriter, cabaret artist, theatre actress, comedienne and former ABC radio presenter, Nadia Sunde is a standout performer,…

Kuljit Singh Case Study

OUR COMMUNITY -- Kuljit Singh Bhangra Beauty  /  Doctor Happy  /  Local As Kuljit’s 5-year-old daughter Anishka was one of the ten soloists in Yes, We Dance but her whole family joined her on…

Luke Harriman Case Study

OUR COMMUNITY -- Luke Harriman Secret Social Dance Lover  /  Arts Champion  /  Passionate community connector Luke is the Manager of Venues and Events for Gympie Regional Council and Former Creative Broker Ar…

Judy Dungate Case Study

OUR COMMUNITY -- Judy Dungate Vintage Babe  /  Weekend Easyrider  /  Fierce Tapper Judy is a lifelong dancer. She is a teacher of Tap, Latin fitness and Jazz at the University of the…

Nicole Beyer Case Study

Our Profile -- Nicole Beyer Arts Advocate  /  Party Dancer  /  Boss ladyNicole Beyer is the Executive Director of Theatre Network Australia (TNA) and 2017 recipient of the Sidney Myer Award. TNA is…

Ann Maree Case Study

OUR COMMUNITY -- Ann-Maree WilletT Devoted daughter  /  Darkhorse of talent  /  Creative Web-weaver Anne-Marie is a Brisbane based strategic partnerships manger, designer, educator and previous Churchill Fellow with a broad network across…

Our Approach


We are collaborators in community story-telling and local place-making. The community brings the knowledge and the invitation to create. We bring the creative process and form.


We work with an open access, culture of co-creation. Our projects bridge social capital; celebrating difference and amplifying the collective. We invite conversation and practice deep listening.


We treat the stories shared with us with integrity and care. We create democratic and inclusive sites for creativity; prioritising the safety of children and young people, cultural safety and accessibility.


We weave future relevance, opportunities and legacy into the work we produce. We evaluate with rigour and share our expertise, learnings and findings openly, to learn and leave well.