Real stories, real people – Everybody Now!

Case Studies


The foundation of our work is in co-creating with communities. Relationships are at the centre of everything we do. With this in mind it’s important to us that we take stock of our relationships with the same care and attention to process that is employed most directly when delivering a project.

These case studies were undertaken in as part of our 2018 strategic planning process as an opportunity to assess artistic markers in our journey so far and sign posts for the future.

The conversations hosted by external consultant Katie Edmiston, of True North Creative are snapshots of some of our valued relationships that have had important impacts on our work across key areas of; our art, our community, our reach and our business.

Kate, Ian, Bec
Founders; Everybody Now

Katie Edmiston
True North Creative

“What became clear almost immediately in these case study conversations was the similarities between how people talked about Everybody Now. Every interviewee from industry stakeholders to community participant spoke with such joy about the company, the lead artists and the work they create. People talked at length about the way in which the lead artists created space, shared the creative process, built relationships, highlighted individual’s strengths and truly respected what EVERY person, body, age, culture, ability, place brought to the project.

Many participants had engaged in multiple projects, explaining how they looked forward to and even planned their years around opportunities to reengage with the company. All stakeholders and participants were strong advocates for the work, listing numerous personal and community benefits and impacts of the work long after the shows/ projects themselves were completed.

It’s certainly a well-nurtured networks and the connections are strong.”