Real stories, real people – Everybody Now!
Tnee Dyer


Our work is about real people and real stories.

When we are creating our performances, our team of professional artists collaborate with community members to see their stories reflected and celebrated on stage. In most cases, the community members are also in the show themselves!

However, there are often many more interesting stories then we have capacity to tell, through the performative outcomes. The Storyteller-in-Residence Project gives us the opportunity to listen, connect and share more of those unique individual stories; embedding the artistry of storytelling across the companies relational practices.

In 2022 we launched our first Storyteller-In-Residence series with lead artist Tnee Dyer & creative producer Pru Wilson. Tnee spent six months meeting and moving with some five marvelous humans from across South East Queensland who manifest movement in their lives through roller skating, music, poetry and dance.

Enjoy this 5 part series featuring Josh Murphy, Carla Baxter, Dee Bradbery, Margo Knoxs and Jazi Othman.

'Being involved in this was transcendental and profound experience that has transmuted my life for the better, unbelievably'

Carla Baxter

'It was a joyful and respectful few hours spent with artists who listen'

Margo Knox

'It felt really special to have a spotlight on my role/involvement with Everybody Now. It was wonderful to get an opportunity to share my perspective around something I care a lot about.'

Dee Bradbery

'Wow….just wow! Both Josh and I are stoked with how the feature turned out. Tnee is genius, he truly captured the essence of what music does to Josh. All of my friends and family have been blown away. Some of them were unaware of how passionate and talented Josh is. I can’t thank you enough for giving Josh the opportunity to participate'

Chris Murphy (Josh's Mum)



Tnee Dyer