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Yes We Dance

Yes We Dance

Feel the rhythm, be the movement and lose yourself in the moment!

Ten extraordinary everyday people, each extraordinary ways of expressing themselves through dance, are matched with two choreographers and an ensemble of hundreds of community dancers. Together they create the newest dance sensations to sweep the world, (or at least their local town with world-wide ambition), in this participatory performance experience, Yes, We Dance!

Yes, We Dance! is a very human and genuine offering to what it means to truly be free in your body, totally immersed in the movement and the moment.

In Everybody NOW’s signature style, the stars of the show are real people from each place  in which it is presented. A participatory performance experience that at once celebrates the individual and the universal.

An anthemic pop sound track lays the beats for our unsuspecting stars and invites audiences to let go of inhibitions, hit the dance floor and bust out their new moves. Yes, We Dance! is humorous, revealing, uplifting and often pure elation as your neighbour, bricklayer, barber and local school teacher become dancing greats. You’ll find yourself shrieking with delight and pride; these are my people and this is our dance!

Yes We Dance Premiered in April 2018 at The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Enjoy listening to the Yes We Dance album. Click on the icon below to hear all 11 original tracks full of dancing anthems that traverses styles from hammering electronic dance music to belting ballads, to the sweet sounds of some of our dancing stars themselves.

If you are interested in this work for your community please contact Executive Director Kate Baggerson

Touring History


Festival 2018 & Bleach Festival

Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

April 2018