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A Participatory Inter-generational Audio Project

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Remember the old Tin Can Telephones?! Hours of play and secret messages, making worlds between two tomato tins and a reverberating string. The simple things, right.

We reckon one of the many takeaways from 2020 is relishing the simple treasures of life, like re-connecting with the ‘art of conversation’ (with a little help from zoom along the way) And, do you know who is really great at having a good old chinwag – grandkids and grandparents.

We love that Grandparents and Grandkids share a special relationship of boundless love, refreshing candour, a deep capacity for play and sometimes hilarious friendships.​

This year many have been separated for long periods, experienced loneliness and deeply missed that connection with each other. It’s also been a year to explore new ways to stay connected, to reflect and the process the world around us.

We bet there’s been a zoom play day or two in your household. Now that your Yaya, Nonno, Grand-mère, Bibi, Nanna, Pop or Grandparent of some other term of affection is tech savvy, we invite you to contribute your voice to this collaborative arts project.

Tin Can Tapes is an audio project collecting a mix tape of recorded conversations between Grandkids and Grandparents
(or a special older person in a child’s life.)

We’d love to hear all that secret grandparent business, like dessert before dinner, staying up late, the mystery ingredient in Grandma’s famous biscuits as well as ponderings on the mysteries of life.

It’s easy to get involved – you jump on the tin can telephone (with a dash of modern technology) and submit your recording to our mixtape collection.

Snippets of lots of conversations will be used to create a new audio artwork and contribute to an ongoing body of work by Everybody NOW exploring the unique and special relationships between the little ones and the older ones of our communities.

Recordings can be submitted from anywhere in the world!

We encourage your Tin Can chat to be largely un-directed, playful and casual conversations that can capture the unexpected, the everyday, the special relationship that is unique to you!

We can’t wait to share with you the final artwork. Thank you for sharing your special relationship!

​Before you submit a recording, read our Tin Can Tips by clicking here.


Option 1: ZOOM DATE

Grandkid/s and Grandparent are in different locations and connect via Zoom. We host your play date and record your conversation for inclusion in the mix tape collection.

Zoom free to use but you will need access to the internet and a computer or ipad.

Book in a session with your Grandparent or Grandchild by registering below.

We will record your conversation but we promise we won’t be contributing to it! Once we have you set up and ready for your chat, we’ll disappear.

You can decide if you want to do a video call or just audio. The call can last for up to 40mins. We can send you a copy of your zoom otherwise it will be deleted after sections of the audio are used for the art piece.


Gather around the computer or ipad and record your conversation via the ‘starting recording’ button below.

You can record a conversation together or you can take a moment alone to reflect on your relationship or recall a favorite moment. This can be done individually by the Grandparent or Grandchild.

Before you submit a recording, read our Tin Can Tips by clicking here.

Any technical difficulties or questions? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

Tin Can Tapes
Tin Can Tapes
Tin Can Tapes
Tin Can Tapes