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Roller Coaster Image by Remco

Roller Coaster – What a ride!

Thank you to everyone who joined Roller Coaster.

It sure was a roller coaster, however, through all the glorious ups and downs (thanks to those down pours of rain!) there were so many smiles and so much goodwill, support and displays of what a strong and happy community looks like – not to mention an incredible sound track, beautiful storytelling and some seriously excellent skating; and for that we’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU.

Thank you to our brave and generous audiences, partners, skaters and artists.

When we set out to make this show we had a little note on our wall that said – “Roller Coaster is a show about love and community, no matter what the adversity.”  That adversity might be winning a derby match, overcoming fears, dropping into an 8ft bowl, managing anxiety, finding your tribe, navigating loss or just getting through each day in this crazy old world.

We’re pretty proud to say, that with our extraordinary creative team, supportive partners and amazing community of skaters, we reckon we’ve achieved just that.

 As one of our participants has said

“I loved every minute of this experience and now there’s a little roller coaster hole in my heart…. that I’m actively trying to fill with the amazing people I met through this. All I can say, without going too deep, is that I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

We have a Roller Coaster sized shape in our heart too! ❤️

We can’t wait to do Roller Coaster again sometime, until then enjoy these photos and we look forward to sharing with you some highlights from our cast and community over the coming weeks.

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Yours always in making art and being in community

Team Everybody NOW!